… We recently stopped by for a glaze (a less permanent, healthier alternative to dye) and blowout and were pleased to depart with shinier, healthier locks than we came in with. Aside from all the organic goodness, Murray's 30 years of styling experience really showed, particularly as he blew our curly hair iron-straight with absolutely zero product.

Where Julianne Moore’s character in Safe would get her hair done. … Handsome room keeps it green with architectural salvage for décor. Hair styling provided for men, women, and the rug rats of Tribeca.


…You Don't have to worry about breathing in noxious gasses when you stop by for a cut, highlights, or single-process color….


Hale in the News ...

I'm sometimes hesitant to try out new salons.  Everyone can't work with natural hair.   Thankfully Hale's website contains a section where salon goers can 'meet" their potential stylists — and the bios contain the pros' specialties. Not only was I matched with someone who babied my curls, but the space is one of the coolest I've been to...


Tribecca's Hale Organic Salon promises cutting-edge cuts and color, and a little something off-menu—air you can breathe.  That’s the M.O. of owner Joe Murray, a ring leader of the city’s natural hair-salon movement….


Green Choice:
Hale Organic Salon
Pregnant women and everyday chemical-phobes get a nontoxic salon experience at the first solo venture from John Masters Organics alumnus Joe Murray. The color here is ammonia-free, shampoos and products are all organic (some are even vegan), and, in the rare event that hair spray is used, it’s relegated to a separately vented-and-filtered “fume room.”


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Hale Organic Salon:  For Beauty Inside & Out

by Amy Carroll

...I normally brace myself for the typical smell and sting of chemicals, both during and after.  Lingering for days.  This evening none of that had happened."