JOE MURRAY   Joe started styling as a way to pay for his fine arts studies in college.  His background in art led to a unique approach to hair.  Photographers and designers noticed his singular creativity early on and he was enlisted to work on many advertising and editorial photo shoots.  During that time he also created many looks for the fashion runways of New York.   But Joe, in taking a holistic look at his own life, realized that he felt more fulfilled in the salon.
Early in his career, Joe discovered he had a chemical sensitivity.  During that time, he worked for many traditional salons but could not deny that his reactions were worsening.   As a result, he searched for a cleaner working environment.  That search led him to join the staff at the John Masters Organic Salon.
When Masters' Salon closed, Joe sought to expand the concept of a clean-air environment on his own.  With that in mind, Joe built Hale, where the motto is "As Chemically Free as We Can Be."  Joe believes that there are enough environmental stresses in the world already.  He is committed to helping his clients find a cleaner alternative for keeping their hair beautiful.
GABRIELLE VAUTRAIN   Gabrielle has worked in the hair industry for over 20 years.  She is a master in precision hair styling from Vidal Sassoon Training in NYC and London.  She worked for John Dellaria Soho, which is an Inter-coiffure salon.  There she traveled throughout the country with team Dellaria at expo trade shows showing off  her new and inventive styles. Gabrielle started her venture in organic styling over 10 years ago when she teamed up with John Masters Organics in Soho where she developed her skills in organic styling with Open-air and Chemical-free environment as her main objective.
Gabrielle is now a Master stylist at Hale salon where she has brought her skills as a chemical-free organic-minded hairstylist.  She will cut your hair to update your look and make your hair maintenance easier.
DAVE HICKEY   Dave loves the complete transformation that cut and color can provide.  A versatile artist,  he has worked both uptown and downtown during his 18-year career, learning structure and refinement uptown but preferring the creative freedom he has downtown.  He developed a keen eye after years of working in the world of TV, film, fashion and celebrities and brings that to bear with his salon clients.  His long-held passion for healthy, low-chemical-impacted and wearable hair is what drives him.    He is thrilled to have found a home to fully express this vision at Hale.
CHRISTIAN SALAZAR Christian has worked IN NYC for the past 10 years.  He approaches hair with the sensibility of an artist and looks at it as part of a bigger painting.  His original training was at the Aveda NY salon where he was a cutting/coloring educator.  Several years ago he moved from the salon into the world of fashion.  He can be seen each season backstage during New York fashion week helping to enhance the vision of many leading fashion designers.  His clients include Badgley MIschka, Peter Sorn and Betsey Johnson to name just a few.  But whether on the runway or in the salon, Christian's commitment to excellence in hairstyling is complete.

Our Stylists

The success of Hale not only lies in our commitment to working in a cleaner, healthier environment but in the talent and expertise of our stylists.  EACH STYLIST THAT WORKS AT HALE, HAS YEARS OF EXPERIENCE WORKING IN MANY DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF THE INDUSTRY. THEIR VAST KNOWLEDGE IS APPLIED TO EACH AND EVERY CLIENT AND THE RESULTS SHOW IT.
SYDNEY  Sydney works very hard with each and every client to insure her consultations are thoughtful and effective.  She is committed to staying current with the latest styling techniques and trends so she can advise her clients on how those new looks can be incorporated into their own individual style.  Her involvement with Hale Organic Salon has allowed Sydney to combine her commitment to both health and beauty to help her clients achieve complete wellness.  Working with her own curly tresses taught Sydney how to shape the natural state and texture of each person's hair into a look that works best for them.  With every cut and color she combines her in-depth technical skills and her natural artistic ability to help make the vision of each client a reality!
MARIKO TOKUNO  Mariko was born and raised in Japan.  She received her original training in Nagoya and over a period of eight years worked in several hair salons in that city.   She moved to NYC in 2007 to continue her career.  She is licensed in both Japan and the USA.   As well as working in the salon, Mariko has been a freelance hair stylist and make-up artist for fashion shows, weddings and magazines.  She has 14 years of experience and specializes in all hair types.  She enjoys nature, plants and eating organic healthy food.  She believes in being healthy and feeling good inside and out which is why she loves working at Hale Organic Salon.  Mariko's motto is "Simple Is Always Best."
JULIA ROSE  Julia  is a New York City stylist with a keen eye for  exquisite trends.  Taking the time to listen carefully to each client allows her to create a style that is well suited to each woman/man.  Julia has specialized in working with naturally curly hair.  With four years experience at the Devachan salon, she is equipped to work with the tightest of curls and a diversity of textures.  Her accommodating nature, open mind and gentle touch allows her to establish great relationships with all of her clients. 
DALE IM  Working in the Cosmetology Industry for almost a decade,  Dale Im's artistic talents include, but are not limited to Colorist and Hair Extensions Specialist.  Previously working with John Masters Organics has given Dale a strong education in an organic-based approach to hair care.   Dale works with an eclectic group of clientele that extends  from accelerated fashion shows and photo shoots  to one-on-one consultations that can help achieve anyone's ideal vision.